I wrote a novel in the back seat of a car once.


Book Release Party

My book release party this past Saturday was a lot of fun. We held it at The Rendezvous in Seattle, and they put together a perfect venue. Rebekah, whose support is unflagging and hard to match, found this space when she was looking for a thematically related venue. Since a few scenes in The Post take place inside Cassidy’s Bar, she thought a speakeasy theme would be a good fit. And it really was.

Everyone who came out was really excited and it just boosted my own excitement higher. I got to dust off some of my public speaking skills (which have laid dormant since I stopped teaching) and read half of the first chapter to what I hope was a captivated crowd.

Don’t have much more to say except to thank each and every person for coming out to celebrate, and for their wonderful enthusiasm.

Photos below taken by Shannon T. Stewart:

Kevin Munoz