I wrote a novel in the back seat of a car once.


The Post - Release Date January 15, 2019


A decade ago, a pandemic sent the world into darkness and the cannibalistic infected overwhelmed the earth. Now Police Chief Sam Edison protects one of the last pockets of civilization. When refugees are murdered and a young woman is kidnapped on Sam’s watch, the Chief must come face to face with monsters far worse than the ones that hunt beyond the city walls.

“Rife with stomach-wrenching sorties against invading hollow-heads, this novel bitterly explores how a remnant of humanity can abandon its conscience for dark rewards.”

- Publisher’s Weekly


Tree lean

I’ve been writing long form fiction since I could hold a pencil. One year, late into my elementary school career, the class had to write short stories on a weekly basis - three pages, tops. I ended up writing a twelve-part serialized gothic horror story set in France.

Over the years I’ve hopped all across the United States: I went to college in Ohio, spent three years in Northern California, got my Master’s degree at Yale in Connecticut, then went to Emory University in Atlanta for my Ph.D. Those seven years led me to another eight in Atlanta, Decatur and Athens, GA.

Although I now live north of Seattle, WA, the fifteen years I spent in Georgia were looming influences upon my first published novel, The Post (January 2019).

You would think that after thirteen years of higher education I would be a stuffy, crotchety old professor somewhere, but no. I puttered around in my field for a few years and ultimately decided that the academic life was no longer for me. I needed to write.

And so I write.

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